Secure your loved one's digital inheritance

We connect families to digital assets left behind. Remove social media accounts and access bank records with ease. No need for a lawyer!


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When someone close passes away, their online presence can feel unsettling. Itterno helps families find closure by ethically managing digital footprints. Our platform brings all accounts together so you can memorialize profiles, retrieve memories, and tie up loose ends - all in one convenient place.

Comprehensive Support for Your Digital Legacy Needs

Itterno understands managing a loved one's online accounts requires care. Our platform provides easy-to-use tools to respectfully wrap up their digital life.

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Families Find Solace with Itterno

Itterno partners with leading social media platforms, and technology companies to provide a comprehensive digital legacy solution.

“After my dad passed away I didn't know what to do with his online accounts, but Itterno made the entire process of removing social media so easy!“
Anne-Mette Boesen

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